June 17th, 2020
What is your purpose?

The team invites you to once again extend the boundaries of your knowingness and often self-imposed limitations to explore purpose.

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Teaching and Invocation of Divine Purpose

June 10th, 2020
The body

The body – your DNA instrument of experience through this lifetime and beyond. Bodies, healers, healees, a journey through the different levels of responsibilities, the importance and mechanics of physical body work – hands on or through distance treatments, high vagal tone and how to maintain it, vagus nerve meditation, sovereign boundaries, light language, Chi Gong and more….. tune in, enjoy and let us have your feedback.

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Prayer to My Body

June 3rd 2020
Trails of synchronicity

This week our exploratory avenues led us to follow the trails of synchronicities and how they come into our awareness as well as the cocreative process. The conversation expanded to include relevant current events with the addition of Andrew Bartzis to the discussion.

May 27th 2020
Open discussion

This week’s installment of Exploring Consciousness was without specific topic to cultivate a synchronistic and spontaneous flow of questions and answers between the group and give guests an opportunity to raise random concerns. A multicoloured conversation ranging from how to deal with the finite human perspective with regards to thoughts, feelings and dramas to the infinite I AM experience as the dream, the dreamer and the dreamt. Enjoy the ride into the unlimited point of view.

May 20th 2020
The many heads of judgment

In this week’s installment of Exploring Consciousness we looked at judgement from a variety of different perspectives. From exploring the gifts within the shadow sides of judgments, positive and negative, to the benefits of true receiving. How we can use judgment of others directed towards us to our advantage without validating other people’s realities and denying ours. Awareness and allowance being the antidote to judgment, the energy that includes everything and judges nothing.

Salome Eisenberg’s book Mastering Emotions is available on Amazon.