Category: Consciousness Exploration

  • Meditation to embassy

    In this week’s installment we used a guided meditation to connect to the Inner Earth Embassy and shared our experiences in the zoom as well as diving into light language and so much more. Enjoy!

  • Abuse

    Plunging into the abyss of abuse – who would have thought it could be so much fun. Great guys, using this platform to dive into the unlimited point of view. Social, financial, verbal, sexual, ghosts, offworlders and more abuse….. you name it we’ve done it…! And what if all of that serves the greater understanding…

  • Male / female brain hemisphere equilibrium

    In this week’s exploration into consciousness we discussed how to bring equilibrium to the male / female brain hemispheres in order to start creating from a true place of choice and awareness. What more infinite possibilities can we access and actualize through the conscious application of a balanced approach to creation?

  • Vagus nerve

    The vagus nerve reads the world and connects us. It is the key to heal for the autonomic nervous system relating to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our existence. V oice and reason for safety & relaxationA ntennae for reading the seen & unseen worldG ut to brain communication (80% sensory/20% motor)U…

  • What is your purpose?

    The team invites you to once again extend the boundaries of your knowingness and often self-imposed limitations to explore purpose. Corresponding downloads: Teaching and Invocation of Divine Purpose

  • The body

    The body – your DNA instrument of experience through this lifetime and beyond. Bodies, healers, healees, a journey through the different levels of responsibilities, the importance and mechanics of physical body work – hands on or through distance treatments, high vagal tone and how to maintain it, vagus nerve meditation, sovereign boundaries, light language, Chi…

  • Trails of synchronicity

    This week our exploratory avenues led us to follow the trails of synchronicities and how they come into our awareness as well as the cocreative process. The conversation expanded to include relevant current events with the addition of Andrew Bartzis to the discussion.