Alchemical & Energetical Food & Earth Revocation

Dream-time Clearing

Birthright and Legacy Prayer and Revocation for Right Relationship with My Ancestors

Emotional Clearing Marbles for Anger Fury Hate Rage

Foetus in Womb Meditation

Guided Meditation Chakras

Individuation Rev & Invocation

Invocation to Consciousness Explorers

Journey to Connect to the Elemental Energies

Journey to the Stars

Medicine Wheel of Life Teaching Meditation

Prayer to My Body

Prayer to the Peacekeepers

Precog Gardeners Invocation Reseeding of Peace

Revocation of Unsovereign Moments and Invocation of Sovereignty

Self-Mastery, Self-Healing, Sovereignty

Spiritual Hygiene

Teaching and Invocation of Divine Purpose

Vagus Nerve Healing Meditation

Wind Song Invocation