Cocreating with the elements

August 12th, 2020

Here’s me Laura Massey once again I taking you through my experiences as an Ancestral Medium, connecting with the ancestral helping spirits of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

As we allow the natural flow of these energies to course through our bodies we bring in balance and healing, transmute negative ancestral patterns and learn to flow more with life. Cocreating with the elements helps us recognise the full capacity of working with our bodies.

We covered cocreating with the energies of the land, including dowsing and Right Practice when visiting Sacred Sites. And cultivating with the Earth. Using the potent Lionsgate energies to plant new seeds.

Working with the wonderful wind spirits and creating a wind shrine.

Creating a portal and basic fire ceremony.

Learning to flow and cleanse with Water And how the combination of these is so powerful in bringing balance to our lives.

Corresponding downloads:

Journey to Connect With the Elemental Energies

Wind Song Invocation

Precog Gardeners Invocation Reseeding of Peace