GH 1 continuation

This is another session of exploring Our Galactic History as told by The Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis in a set of videos (1-20) recorded in Mount Shasta in 2013 (see video below) with Lance White.

We’re using the transcriptions by Sean Hessman to help us at the hub to get a better understanding of our place in this universe, how our past has shaped our present and future. Lets use this as a multidimensional stepping stone to manifest the Fifth World of Peace

It is our birthright to dream the Great Dream of Peace so we may manifest as Peacemakers and Peacekeepers, or even Celestial Mediums of Peace if that’s your choice.

We’re all teachers to each other here, so come along and pose your questions, thoughts, contributions….. as multidimensional as you like…. nothing is too galactic for us at Our Hub of Interconnectivity!