Influx of energies and beings

Powerful chat about Equinox energies, new influx of energies & beings. How can we work and co-create with them with and beyond logic & doubt. The next couple of weeks, months, years will be another great opportunity to rid ourselves of old limitations and judgments and realise the infinite potentialities of the years to come. ‘Brainheartgut’ alignment is part of the setup to work towards collaboration with new energies and species and to move beyond conflict & hardship. Please feel free to join us as we create an Earth Nouveau meditation for peace & integration of universal citizenship. How can we humanoids be of service to mankind, newer souls and otherworldly species and teach them what it takes to live on this planet earth? How can we be of assistance to integrate the new wisdom that is streaming onto this planet? Mutual collaboration at best! What do you know that you have learned over the last 54 Mio plus years that is of value to pass on to future generations 5, 50, 500 years? Let us use our knowingness and cross over the edge of unknowingness to create far beyond our imagination. We are the multidimensional creators of new worlds. And so it is. Aho