Winter solstice special

Today we had a 🔥🔥🔥Winter Solstice Special🔥🔥🔥 with our guest Jonathon Huet.

Jonathon took us on a mystical adventure to awaken and connect all traditions through the Celtic traditions of the Winter Solstice with poetry, drum and meditation , exploring the deeper meanings of this time of Midwinter or Yule.

Jonathon is a bard and rare ambassador of the folklore of woodlands and the lands delving into the old stories of Britain, drawing from Irish and English sources including Pagan , Celtic and Druid . Jonathon has been studying and running groups with a deep connection to the land for over two decades and feels it is the experience of tradition that is paramount rather than an intellectual understanding.

‘Once we have connected with our spiritual home and its ancestry, provided we plumb the depths of its well we come to the bedrock of the world soul. The fiery magma of the earth unites all races with a common thread of dependence. But its dance expresses itself uniquely upon every patch of soil we call home.’ -J Huet

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