Left to right: Jesse, Laura, Maire, Martina, Dave

We are all magical and potent creators, courageous seekers and curious adventurers. We stand dedicated in our practice of individual spiritual-hygiene and sovereign mastery. Embrace your innate wisdom and joyously choose a different bubble of reality – one founded under a common moral code of do no harm. Where justice and judgment are lessons we have learned and need not repeat. Where peace and personal responsibility reign.

May we harmoniously co-create and contribute to a new world beyond our wildest expectations and imaginations. Together we call forth our multidimensional perspective and purpose, grasping the totality of being human through owning our personal, global and galactic truths. A lens to return to the simplicity of creation as interconnected micro to macro beings. Let us embrace the infinite possibilities that are available to all of us.

The time is now to step outside the limitations of these shared reality rules and go beyond the dogmas and deception filters of others, or the world at large, by getting to know thyself. It is through our manifestation of beliefs; our authentic, embodied, expression of celestial-source-connection that we can create beyond the limitations of the global narrative in this placebo-based reality.

Are you ready to trust and be guided by your own inner knowingness? Are you ready to take up that mantle of responsibility? Move into the uncharted territory of multidimensional living with us. We invite you to engage the true empowered genius YOU – to let go of the old paradigm and find your unique contribution in this epic evolution of consciousness.