Category: Consciousness Exploration

  • Hollow Earth journey

    We did a great Journey to Hollow Earth this week using teachings by A Bartzis. Much gratitude & credit. How can we make explorations into the unseen realms more accessible and understood as an important tool to connect and actualise more in our reality? Daily practice and great spirit to let the imagination run free.

  • Clearing tools & sovereignty

    Great chat on gaining and maintaining our health and sovereignty by using one of the Access Consciousness tools ‘Who does it belong to’ and so much more. How to deal with incoherent information? Creating space for change in our clients and the self to heal, think and create with infinite possibilities.

  • Awakening compassion & love

    Compassion is the new Passion! Join the consciousness exploration.In the Buddhist tradition compassion is seen as the sources and essence of enlightenment.When do we do compassion?What is compassion not?What is true fearless compassion?What the benefits of compassion?Preconditions to be compassionate?How do we unlock compassion?Meditation & using compassion as a tool for infinite choice, free will…

  • Improv

    This improv session turned into a lively & productive co-creation about general creation, letting go of outdated and limiting beliefs, expressing our uniqueness in a magical ordinary space facilitating the great remembering. Magic & Gratitude to all participants honouring and serving this space of potent consciousness exploration.

  • Growing in the comfort zone

    Great exploration into the comfort & discomfort zone with an amazing team of explorers. What do you know about comfort?How do you do comfort? And many more questions and awarenesses about creating from a place of comfort full of choice and infinite possibilities.

  • Creating your reality

    Jam packed exploration today about how do we create with our belief system. What are the unconscious consciousness distortions that keep us from actualising our desires? How can we part of the system but not give away our power? So much to explore, digest, acknowledge and play with. As usual an amazing crowd and I…

  • Layers of wanting

    Today’s zoom was all about wants, desires, dreams, hopes…… Absolutely fantastic gathering with masses of nuggets for creating on the karmic & dharmic path. What is it that you want and desire?What is it that you lack? Best to watch it and get yourself a desire journal! We all will. Much appreciation for this amazing…